What makes us Different


What makes us Different

Chiropractic is the key to a healthy life

We make regular chiropractic care an affordable and accessible part of your everyday routine. No appointments. No insurance required. Convenient locations. Extended hours that include evenings and weekends in a warm and friendly setting.

Our Philosophy

At SIMPLY CHIROPRACTIC™, we are chiropractors first, and business owners second. We believe that chiropractic care should be accessible to everyone. We believe in the necessity of Corrective Care, then Maintenance/Wellness Care for a lifetime. We believe in care for the entire family and that everyone needs to be checked. We believe our purpose is to correct the subluxation, thereby liberating the body's Innate healing potential. We believe our goal should be, if possible, to correct the cause and not to treat a symptom. We do not believe in treating anything. We believe in the devastating effects of the subluxation and in the awesome power of the adjustment. 

Our Vision

At SIMPLY CHIROPRACTIC™ our offices are committed to the total health and wellness of our patients through regular chiropractic care; from pain relief, to the corrective and maintenance phases.

By providing comprehensive operations, finance, marketing, IT, and management support programs to all Simply Chiropractic clinics, we allow each chiropractor to focus on the most important part of their practice: their adjusting and their patients. 

The SIMPLY Difference...

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Walk ins Not Preferred Always Welcome
Insurance Preferred Not Required
Affordability $50-75 Co-Pay + Billed Insurance Affordable
Hours of Operations Limited Expanded hours plus Saturdays
Appointments Usually Required Not Required
Facility Medical Warm and Friendly


Wellness Simplified

Chiropractic is about wellness and overall health!

Wellness Simplified

Chiropractic is about wellness and overall health!





All of this, so we can focus on YOU.


There are many options when it comes to chiropractic care, but Simply Chiropractic stands out from the competition.  Our Vision is affordable, accessible chiropractic care for the entire family.  

Simply Chiropractic - find out how we make that possible. 

Check out our locations to find a Simply Chiropractic near you!

Did You Know?

Americans spend nearly $90 billion a year looking for relief from back and neck pain through surgery, doctor’s visits, X-rays, MRI scans
— WebMD Health News