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"When you are ready for serious chiropractic, when you are ready to make a commitment for regular chiropractic check ups, Simply Chiropractic is ready for you. Simply Chiropractic has affordable packages for regular visits. Simply affordable (No insurance hassles) When you are ready, go see DR Julie at Simply Chiropractic. Thank you Julie."


"Wonderful Staff! Fast and Excellent Service!"

Leanne R.

"1st time in years I was able to mop my whole house without any pain and I have only been under care at Simply Chiropractic for 2 weeks. Thank you Dr. Rich!"

Trini L.

"I feel great! The door greeters at Wal-Mart even noticed I was walking better and standing up straighter. I took me months to get my husband in and now he reminds me it's time to go see Dr. Rich for our appointments. Thanks Simply Chiropractic!"

Winona R. "Nona"

"Only after 2 weeks of care I was breathing and sleeping better. Now it's been 4 months and I don't take my asthma medication, to my surprise my medical doctor was impressed. I love having my regular voice back and not the raspy one I have had for the past 5 years! Thank you Dr. Rich!"

Vicki V.

"After having my baby, I had sciatica and could hardly walk.  Dr. Julie has really worked to ease the pain and with my weekly visits I can now walk and workout with ease.  She always knows exactly where she needs to focus and when I leave I feel perfectly straight!   Thank you Dr. Julie, You rock!"

Angie F.

"I haven't felt this good in a long time. I am a mail carrier and chiropractic care at Simply Chiropractic has made walking my route a lot easier. I can walk the whole route without pain! Thank you Dr. Rich and Kim!"

Lisa K.

"Best Chiropractor to adjust me…EVER!"

Shannon G., CMT

"I have been struggling with a constant lower back pain for the past 3 or 4 years. My past experience with chiropractic care was limited and was not satisfying. After some hesitation I elected to follow Dr. Rich's suggestion to try a corrective process. 3 months later I was amazed at the significant relief."

Tom M.

"My wife and I have been going to Dr. Julie for a few months now and I can already feel the difference!  She always greets us with a smile and makes us feel welcome.  My job is hard on my back but after getting an adjustment from her, I feel like I can confidently handle anything it has to offer.  Thank you and we look forward to each visit!"

David F., RN, CCRN

"Thank you Dr Julie for the straight forward chiropractic that you provide, you have competitive pricing and a no hassle formula for getting the job done. It is both a blessing to me , and a great contribution to the field of chiropractic. Sincerely! Your Admiring Patient,"

Greg M.

"I love the care I get at Simply Chiropractic. Dr. Julie is great and you can't beat the prices!"

Steven T.

"This is a thank you email to express how grateful I and my husband are for your excellent chiropractic care in keeping us both pain free and feeling at our best. All the best to you and thank you again !"

John & Susan S.