It all began when I went for a pedicure. Suddenly I noticed a skin irritation on one of my toes, which I thought was from the pedicure. Six weeks went by and the condition worsened tremendously!! It spread all over the bottom of both feet. It continued and got so bad, the bottom of my feet were cracked and bleeding. If I walked across the kitchen floor barefoot blood tracks were left from the cracks in my skin. It got to the point that the muscles under both big toes began to atrophy because I wasn’t using the muscles due to the big cracks in the skin under both big toes.

The condition spread and now was on both hands. Friends had me concerned that it was an infection, so I went to the M.D. This was a big group practice and I eventually saw everyone there- internist, podiatrist, physician’s assistant. They thought it was an infection I caught at the nail salon and put me on antibiotics. This continued and I was put on a number of antibiotics. At one point I was on an antibiotic Levaquin for 21 days (a subsequent doctor freaked out at this because I work out at a gym a lot and Levaquin is known to cause tendon damage). Next were the outrageously expensive antifungal creams (Naftin at $370 a tube!) After that I was put back on antibiotics. Nothing worked, I mean nothing!

The physician’s assistant finally told me she thought I had a quote, “flesh eating bacteria”! I went on more antifungal creams to no avail even though I kept mentioning to the doctors that psoriasis was present in my family history (mom and sister) but they said; No, its definitely a fungal infection!

In all, I was treated for this problem at this practice for 9 months. When I finished with the last course of antibiotics they told me they could not help me and to go see a dermatologist. I heard of a renowned dermatologist in New York who I went to. He walked into the room took one look at it and said, No way that is a fungal infection its terrible psoriasis! And the antibiotics your doctors have been giving you over these last 9 months have made you much worse! What’s happening is your body is now fighting itself and producing more bad skin. He also said that because I worked out in the gym like I do I never should have been put on Levaquin, that was very dangerous (due to the possible tendon damage! Yikes!)

It was so bad this dermatologist put me on I.V. cortisone and oral steroids. However all this didwas wire me up like 10 shots of espresso, and I put on 15 pounds, and didn’t help the psoriasis at all.

That’s when I went to Dr Jon. He x-rayed my upper neck and showed me I had a bone out of place that was putting pressure on my brain stem and that I had advanced compression. He adjusted me 2 - 3 times a day! 4 days a week for a month. The results were amazing! The psoriasis was 80% gone on my hands and completely gone from the bottom of my feet! And I was off all the drugs. Then I was getting adjusted 3 times a week. After 2 months I had to go out of town for 6 days for business and some of the psoriasis on my hands flared up, but when I got back after about 1 1/2 weeks of adjusting it disappeared again.

It took a lot of adjustments to really correct the structure of my spine, but once I began to hold my adjustments the results were amazing. I think you have to saturate yourself with adjustments in the beginning and eventually you go on a maintenance schedule. My feet are now totally clear and my hands aren’t far behind. Friends that hadn’t seen me since I went to Dr Jon were amazed at how good my hands looked, they said, Wow those antibiotics are really working finally! When I told them what chiropractic did and I had been off all drugs, they had a hard time believing me.

Dr Jon said he didn’t treat the psoriasis he just freed up the nerve flow and the body does it thing. I hope my story and my results can help someone else.

Oh, and I couldn’t believe how my adjustment changed from my spine. Make sure to get your re-exam and re-x- rays, you need them!

Post Pregnancy

“After having my baby, I had sciatica and could hardly walk. Dr Julie has really worked to ease the pain and with my weekly visits I can now walk and workout with ease. She always knows exactly where she needs to focus and when I leave I feel perfectly straight! ” - Angie F.

Chiropractic Can Help With Your Allergies

I started going to Dr. Jon about 4 years after I heard him speak. I was always scared to go to a chiropractor, but what he said made so much sense. I had extremely bad allergies, was on daily allergy medication and regularly went to my allergist MD. I also had bad asthma for which I did inhalers daily (Proventil) and other medication. These saved me but during bad allergy season nothing seemed to help. I have been asthmatic since I was 2 years old. Since I have been under corrective chiropractic care the last four years, I have barely touched my inhalers or allergy meds. Amazing because I was asthmatic since i was 2 years old. Chiropractic has been life-saving for me, and I have never breathed better.

Back Pain

“My wife and I have been going to Dr Julie for a few months now and I can already feel the difference! She always greets us with a smile and makes us feel welcome. My job is hard on my back but after getting an adjustment from her, I feel like I can confidently handle anything it has to offer. Thank you and we look forward to each visit!” - David F., RN, CCRN

Chiropractic Can Help With Ear Infections

My son fell twice on the ice. He was sore and over time and developed severe headaches, and excruciating pain behind his left eye and terrible pressure in his left ear.

Even after a series of visits to our GP, physical therapist, and an ear, nose and throat MD we were getting no relief whatsoever. Prior to his two falls, over a five year period he was progressively getting more and more lethargic, sleeping 8 hours a night and taking naps in the afternoons. He was worn out, and all his life he had been a highly energetic kid!

On March 23, 2011 We went to see Dr. Jon (1/2 hour drive one way for us). He asked many questions, took extensive notes, did an exam and took x-rays. After he looked at the x-rays he gave Tyler an adjustment...He IMMEDIATELY FELT BETTER! We returned the following day, had another adjustment and felt even better. It took 14 consecutive DAILY adjustments before he could "hold" an adjustment (the bone stayed in place and the pressure stayed off the nerve).

Now Tyler is doing great and is doing the chores on our family farm. It's as if someone turned a light switch on inside of my son. We continue to make the drive to Dr. Jon's office; the distance is worth the trip!

Kids and Chiropractic

After months of doing everything I can to get my now 9 month old to sleep through the night, we took him to the chiropractor and he has been sleeping long nights ever since.  - Bethany Plumlee