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Dr. Raymond A. Bongiovi



Dr. Bongiovi graduated from Life Chiropractic College, the largest chiropractic school in the world in 1989 with honors.  During his final year of school, he served as the President of the Clinic’s Interns in the school’s outpatient clinic.

He has traveled throughout the country to receive post-graduate special training and certification in chiropractic’s most effective, proven techniques.  These methods are well known in the chiropractic profession for the many miraculous results they have produced over the years.  In fact, when chiropractors and their families get sick, they go to see other chiropractors who are using these specific methods. Dr. Bongiovi uses these techniques to achieve the best possible results on the worst of the worst cases.

In addition to his advanced chiropractic training, Dr. Bongiovi has a strong background in nutrition and exercise and places heavy emphasis on these subjects.  Unlike many doctors and health enthusiasts, he practices what he preaches.


Services & Techniques Offered

  • Chiropractic Corrective Care
  • Chiropractic Family Care
  • Chiropractic Wellness Care
  • Decompression Therapy
  • Personal Injury and Accident Injury Care



“I hurt my lower back a few years ago and went to an orthopedic specialist.  They ran special tests including an MRI which showed problems with the spinal discs.  They sent me for therapy which did not help.  I had severe pain going down my leg into my calf.  It kept me up at night and bothered me all day.  I have known Dr. Bongiovi for a long time so I decided to go see him.

I was skeptical at first.  I did not know much about chiropractic but I knew that it was not medically accepted but I decided to give it a try since it made some sense to me.  At first I was very apprehensive about having my neck adjusted especially since my pain was in my leg and lower back.  I went for a couple of weeks but felt only slight improvement so I stopped.  That was in 1995.  I then lived with the sciatic pain for about two years.  At times it was barely present, at other times it was bad but it never went away.

Then in 1997 I again injured my back lifting and the sciatic pain returned at full strength.  I came back to Dr. Bongiovi but this time I realized that I needed to give it more time.  The pain in my leg was so bad that I wanted to cut my leg off.  After a couple of days, the back pain was gone but the leg pain persisted for a few more weeks.  Gradually the pain in my leg subsided completely.  The majority of adjustments were done to my upper neck, not my lower back and yet the pain in my back and leg are gone.

I would recommend that others try chiropractic since it has helped me and to give it enough time to work.  I could have saved myself over a year of pain if I had given it more of a chance to work.”

Dave Gaboff


“When I first came to Dr. Bongiovi, I had very painful Rotator Cuff Syndrome in my right shoulder.  To my surprise, after two weeks or so, it disappeared.  I had been told by doctors and physical therapists that this would be a lifelong condition.  I have never had a problem with it since.  Dr. Bongiovi’s expertise, natural kindhearted goodness and receptivity radiates into his patients lives in a very powerful way.  I am honored to know and be treated by such a healer.”

Janice M. Burke


“I started to come to Dr. Bongiovi for neck and lower back trouble.  I don’t like taking pills because they only mask the problem.  I tried other doctors but they did not help.  I have been coming to Dr. Bongiovi for several months and my pain is minimal.  I have not taken pills since my adjustments started and I found my posture has also improved.  I could not stand straight, but now I can.  Once you are corrected, it is a good idea to come for adjustments weekly like I do to maintain your health.

My husband has had chronic back problems all his life.  When he was in a car accident his condition became worse.  One morning he woke up and could not walk so I took him to the doctor and they told us that he has herniated discs in his lower back.  He was in severe pain and had to take pain medication to cope every day.  We were worried he would become addicted to pain killers.  The only solution the doctor recommended was spinal surgery and that was not acceptable to my husband or me.  So, as his wife, I decided to call Dr. Bongiovi to see if he could help my husband.  He said he could.  When we came, my husband was using a walker to help him get around.  Within three weeks of therapy, three times a week, he is now walking on his own and on a scale from 1 to 10, his 10+ pain is now only a 2.  We have been coming for three months now and his pain has been reduced dramatically thanks to Dr. Bongiovi.

Being senior citizens, he has given us our life back to live and enjoy it.  We will both come to him for the rest of our lives to maintain a healthy body without surgery or pain pills.”

Lorraine and Bob Apgar


“I have had fainting problems for 15 years.  For many years I fainted once or twice a year.  Then in 1995, I fainted 25 times in just 7 months.  It was so bad that I was afraid to do anything.  I went to every specialist in New Jersey and New York.  They ran all the tests they could to find out what was wrong (i.e., MRI, CatScans, blood tests, EEG, etc.)  After several months of tests, they could find nothing so they recommended that I see a psychiatrist.  All of this time, I was fainting every week.

My husband got very good results with Dr. Bongiovi and we finally decided to try it for me.  I did not think it would help me since all of the specialists could do nothing.  I thought it was at least worth a try.  I started care in April and I have not had one fainting spell in over three months.  I feel great!  I tell everyone that chiropractic and nutrition has changed my life and I recommend it to everyone.”

Linda Mariano


“I have suffered with neck pain and numbness in my arms since 1996.  I suffered every day for almost two years.  I had neck pain all day long.  The numbness occurred at night as I got tired.  I would have to get up out of bed, and walk around to get the feeling back in my arms.  I tried everything to get relief including heat packs, cold packs and exercise but nothing worked.  At best, I got very temporary relief.  I was willing to live with the fact that I would never totally get rid of my problem.

A good friend of mine is a patient of Dr. Bongiovi. She told me how much he helped her and she was sure he could help me.  I was already aware of chiropractic and at one time even was seeing a chiropractor to try and get some help.  My friend told me that maybe it was the chiropractor that was unable to help me and not that chiropractic could not help.  The next day I called Dr. Bongiovi for an appointment.  I was very quickly put at ease by his knowledge and willingness to listen and understand my problem.

After only a few weeks of adjustments, my neck pain was gone and so was the numbness.  I tell everyone what a world of difference Dr. Bongiovi has made in my life and how great I feel.  I even have my fiancee going for his lower back pain and after only a few adjustments, he too feels great!  I can’t thank Dr. Bongiovi enough for all he has done for me.”

Mary Lowles


“I had a very serious, life-threatening problem with my cholesterol and triglycerides.  I had such low energy that I could not do anything and I have done physical labor my whole life.  The doctors found that my blood fat levels were so high that I should be dead.  My cholesterol was over 1,000 (normal is below 200) and my triglycerides were over 3,000 (normal is below 200).  Three different hospitals in South Jersey were studying my case because it was so rare.  I felt like I was over 100 years old.  Every day I was sluggish and weak.  I lost count of the number of specialists I consulted during this time.  I know of at least four different medical specialists and countless tests, all of which did not help me.  I though I would never get better.

Finally, a very close, long-time friend of mine convinced me to give this a try.  I knew chiropractic was great because years ago I saw it return my father’s vision when the medical doctors had told him he would be permanently blind.  However, I did not think it would help me with my problem.  Dr. Bongiovi sat down with me and made some very simple diet and nutritional recommendations for me to follow which I did and started immediately and he also started to adjust my spine. After I started adjustments, headaches that I had every day of my adult life, were gone.  That was a big bonus that I did not even expect.  After one month, my energy returned to make me feel 20 years old again.

It has been over a year now that I have been a patient of Dr. Bongiovi’s.  My blood levels have returned to normal which has baffled my medical doctors.  I tell everyone who is sick to get to Dr. Bongiovi.  I don’t care how far they are.  I come from Bayville, NJ, over an hour away but it has been well worth it.  I feel so good it is scary.”

Hank Mariano


“I have been under the care of Dr. Bongiovi for the past 4 years.  I am now 20 years old.  When I first came I was having severe pain in my back and neck.  I was unable to lay down without losing my breath.  After time and repetition of the adjustments, I am 100% better.  I also noticed that my level of energy is much greater.  Thank you Dr. Bongiovi for your time and the wonderful care I was given.  I will remain a lifetime care patient for optimal health.”

Stefanie Amato


“I’ve had neck pains off and on for over ten years.  About a year ago, I started having lower back pain for the first time.  It started as a dull ache and then gradually got worse until I was having trouble walking.  Even lying in bed became a problem, and I found I could only get to sleep at night sitting in a reclining chair.

I visited my doctor who prescribed the same drugs and bed rest that he’d prescribed earlier for my neck.  I stayed home from work for a period of two weeks, in bed and zonked out on the muscle relaxers and painkillers I was taking.  Since there was still no improvement after two weeks, the doctor referred me to an orthopedic, who said it was just a muscle strain.  He told me to keep up the drugs and sent me to physical therapy for massage, ultrasound and heat. When my doctors mentioned the possibility of surgery, I started thinking about alternatives.

I decided to try chiropractic.  I had seen someone wearing a Bongiovi Chiropractic tee-shirt one day and then saw the sign outside the office.  Since I was not seeing results from my medical treatments, I made an appointment.

I like the logic of chiropractic since it tries to get to the cause of your pain instead of just treating your symptoms.  Dr. Bongiovi initially spent alot of time with me explaining what my problems were and how he could help correct them.  I was surprised when he said that back exercises would help me, since my medical doctor had always encouraged bed rest.

My pain started decreasing right after my first few adjustments.  The back exercises that Dr. Bongiovi prescribed have really helped me too and I believe that they not only assist in preventing further pain, but are a way to work through the occasional twinges I get after long days at work.  I’ve been having adjustments for over nine months now and exercising regularly, and haven’t yet had a recurrence of the severe pain I was experiencing before the start of my treatments.

I’ve become a believer in the value of chiropractic treatments for back and neck problems such as mine.  I would recommend chiropractic in general, and Dr. Bongiovi in particular, to anyone with similar problems.”

Charles Signorino

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