Many people think of chiropractic care as an adult only thing. But the truth is chiropractic can be extremely beneficial to many infants and help out with some of the common conditions that can cause fussiness in babies.

It is not for certain that your baby needs chiropractic care, but that is what the chiropractor will determine after a consultation and exam of your baby.  Generalized fussiness and incessant crying might be signs that something is wrong.

Chiropractic care for newborns is gentle

The care that a newborn will receive from a chiropractor is much different from the high-velocity adjustment that is usually portrayed on television. Instead, the adjustments feature such a light touch that it is unlikely that it will wake a baby who is sleeping.

When a baby visits the chiropractor, the doctor will examine the baby. This is done slowly and gently. Parents who are with the baby can ask for a demonstration on themselves that will show how light the adjustment will be.

Reasons for chiropractic care

While childbirth is a natural process, there is some stress on the baby during the journey. In some cases, a pinched nerve might occur. This can cause significant pain and might even cause neck weakness, but the baby can’t say what is wrong. He or she will just cry because of the discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments can help with things like pinched nerves, colic, ear infections, acid reflux and some feeding difficulties.

Because the cause of newborn fussiness isn’t always easily ascertained, it might take multiple visits to see the full effects of what chiropractic care can do for a baby. It is important to pay close attention to the baby after each visit so that you can let the chiropractor know how the baby handled the adjustment when you return for a follow-up visit.