Chiropractic Care Can Help Fight Colds and the Flu

Cold and flu season is here. While most people wait until they are sick to take medications, there is another option. Did you know that a visit to the chiropractor can help give your immune system a boost that can aid in fighting off the germs that will make you sick?

Spinal manipulation can help with almost every ailment in your life. When your spinal cord isn’t aligned properly, you can have serious issues. The effects of misalignment aren’t limited only to pain and aches. This means that by having your spine cared for through chiropractic care, you might be able to reduce the chance that you will catch a cold or the flu. You might also be able to treat cold and flu symptoms if you are unfortunate enough to catch one of these.

Nervous System and Immune System Coordination

When you have chiropractic adjustments, the chiropractor is making sure that there isn’t anything that is coming between the pathways from your spinal cord to other organs and areas of the body. The improvement of coordination between the nervous system and the immune system that comes with chiropractic adjustments can help your body respond properly when you are exposed to germs or bacteria that might make you sick.

In a study done in cancer patients, it was found that chiropractic care improved the presence of neutrophils in the patient. When your neutrophils dip below a certain level, you are more likely to get sick if you are exposed to germs. In cancer patients, a dip in neutrophils happens when they are undergoing chemotherapy.

A 1992 research group backed the improvement of the neutrophil count when a subluxation, or misalignment, of the thoracic spine was corrected. At this point, it was noted that the rise in white blood cells is significant after chiropractic adjustments to realign the spine.

Addressing the Problem

Subluxation is one of the issues that can lead to decreased immunity. When a subluxation is present, your body might trigger an inflammation response. Since your immune system is busy with the subluxation, there might not be enough of the immune system available to fight against germs and bacteria that can cause the common cold or influenza.

Since cold and flu season ramps up between November and March each year, now is the best time to visit your chiropractor to ensure your spine is ready to help you fight germs and bacteria.