What is the Pulstar Instrument Adjuster?

It is a computerized tool that can deliver an adjustment and break up muscle spasms. We just find where to put it and it does the rest! Based on a recoil system, the Pulstar Instrument Adjuster will continually go over the bones or muscles until they can recoil back to proper position. This also breaks up any tension, stress, and fixation along the way all while providing a soothing relaxing feeling.

It is SUPER COOL technology! Unlike traditional adjustments, there is no cracking or popping heard. Many patients that are nervous about or uncomfortable with the classic Chiropractic pop prefer the Pulstar Instrument Adjustment.

Lots of patients just love the combination of hands on and tool adjusting & still others like to see how long the machine will go as the longer it goes the worse it is! That is one of the GREAT things about Chiropractic…there are TONS of techniques and ways of delivering them.

Come by today and see what works best FOR YOU!