Did you know Chiropractic can help you with migraines & headaches?

YUP it is TRUE! Almost 15% of the population gets classic or chronic migraines while nearly everyone has suffered from headaches at some point or another. Many times these can be brought on by environmental factors such as: stress, smells, foods, noises, chemicals or allergies. BUT did you ever stop to think why am I debilitated in a dark room with a vice grip pounding my head after walking through the perfume section at the mall department store while my accompanying friend just gets to go about their day care and pain free?

Often times it is because you have a structural issue with in the spine and muscles that triggers the nerve endings that tell your brain to feel migraine pain. So basically something underlying is going on allowing the smallest thing like a smell or noise to set off a full on migraine or headache. Think of it like this your car is running out of gas long before the gas light ever comes on right? It’s not the last 5 miles that you drove before the light came on that CAUSED the gas light to light up, but rather it is the 100 plus miles you drove prior that allowed that last 5 miles to trigger the dashboard gas icon to let you know you were now dangerously low!

As amazingly crafted as your car is…your BODY is EVEN MORE SO! Your body’s check light system is ALWAYS working for you and it is called your nervous system! Your nervous system starts with your brain which sits on top of your skull right? From the brain your brain stem goes down into the first two bones in your neck called your Atlas & Axis. The brain stem is obviously VERY IMPORTANT! It houses the centers that control your memory, mood, vision, AND supplies ALL the pain endings from your head to your brain. It makes sense then that if this area is rotated along with the supportive structures like the muscles, ligaments & tendons they can trigger the brain stem and it’s nerve endings and CAUSE one SERIOUS migraine or headache!

Now we have only gotten to your brain stem the VERY top of your neck! After your brain stem comes your spinal cord which is protected by all the bones of the spinal column from the top of your neck to the base of your spine & pelvis. The spinal cord gives off nerves that allow your body to communicate with your brain this pathway is YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM! It is how your brain knows to feel pain, it tells your heart to beat, your stomach to digest, your liver to filter, your foot to tingle, your muscles to recover, your immune system to kick on…the nervous system controls the ENTIRE BODY!

Anytime any of these bones rotate they can cause nerve hyper or hypo function. Pretty much if the bones rotate one way you get to much nerve communication resulting in: twitches, spasms, pins & needles, imbalance in endocrine system production (YES you guessed it that means hormones, mood, memory, tiredness, work out recovery can all be effected!). While rotating another way may yield to little nerve impulses causing things like pain, decreased immune function (YUP you got it that means more colds & allergies & illness), muscle fatigue and atrophy and MORE! You see ANYTIME the nervous system is in alignment through chiropractic adjustments, which is what we do at SIMPLY CHIROPRACTIC, your nervous system that controls EVERY cell, tissue, muscle, organ and system of the body will work optimally…hence YOU WILL TOO! So if you are experiencing Migraines and headaches let us HELP and come get your spine checked TODAY!