At SIMPLY CHIROPRACTIC™, we are chiropractors first, business owners second.

We believe that chiropractic care should be accessible to everyone. We believe in the necessity of Corrective Care, then Maintenance/Wellness Care after. We believe in care for the entire family, from the kids to the parents to the grandparents. We believe our purpose is to correct subluxation and release the body's innate healing potential. Our goal is to correct the cause and not a symptom. We believe in the devastating effects of the subluxation and in the awesome power of the adjustment. 



Corrective Chiropractic Care is a completely different approach to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

A Chiropractor practicing Corrective Care will evaluate the Central Nervous System and Spine Column evaluating the person for not only trauma and pathology, but more importantly, for function. Since our Central Nervous System controls all joints, tissues, organs and glands of the body, we need it to function as close to 100% as possible.  

When we see a patient for the first time, we instruct them that there are two basic forms of chiropractic care: (i) Relief Care, which is pain control, and the (ii) Corrective Care, which works on the underlying structural abnormalities to create a more permanent positive change - correcting the cause not just treating the symptom. 

Although all Chiropractors are able to give relief care, the Corrective Care doctor will search for the real cause, and design a specific plan of care for each patient based on the severity of their problem, structural deviations in their spine, length of time they’ve had the problem, degeneration/arthritis in the spine, disc damage or herniation, and any pathology present in the body. 

The Corrective Care adjustment and alignment process may often correct the structural problems and spinal mis-alignments, thus stopping, or at least slowing down the degenerative decay in the spine (arthritis) and freeing the nerve flow. This often requires a series of visits over a period of time and very specific Chiropractic adjustments.

Corrective Care Chiropractic may aid in building a healthy body and immune system by removing the interference or blockages of nerve flow to and from the brain. We want every one of our patients to function at an optimal level, maximizing their health and quality of life, not just taking away pain for a little while. 



At Simply Chiropractic™ the majority of our practice is made up of wellness patients.

Families and patients of all ages who decide to take charge of their health by maintaining a subluxation-free spine free of harmful nerve interference do so through our monthly affordable wellness care plans.



The doctors at Simply Chiropractic™ have been taking care of pregnant patients for years.  

We love taking care of pregnant women and their newborns.  Bear in mind, subluxations and their devastating health effects can occur at any age, and often during the pregnancy due to weight displacement and changes to the body. Our chiropractors have been adjusting babies and children. Our chiropractors are versed on the techniques for adjusting children. It is very gentle and kids love it!



Available at Select Locations

Car accidents can cause severe trauma to the spine and nervous system.

It’s extremely important to care for your spine as soon after the accident as possible to ensure that the soft tissue does not heal in a malformed position. Common symptoms of trauma to the nervous system after such an event are sleepiness, dizziness, dull headaches, neck/back pain, loss of range of motion in the spine, numbness or tingling in the extremities, and more. The medical community will check for gross (or large) traumas like bone fractures, concussions, etc. We will care for the acute subluxations (mis-alignments of the vertebrae causing nerve damage) that the emergency rooms and medical doctors are not trained to identify.