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What Is Chiropractic?

It all starts with the spine! The spine houses the nervous system and the nervous system controls every cell, tissue, muscle, organ, and system in your body.  Your brain sits on top of your skull and your brain stem goes down into and is protected by the fist two bones in your neck called the atlas and the axis. The brain stem is obviously very important it houses the centers that control memory, breathing, vision and all sorts of vital stuff! When the atlas and the axis rotate and cause stress on the brain stem this can contribute to headaches, allergies, asthma, vision and hearing disturbances, the common cold, neck and back pain and all sorts of other issues! From the brain stem comes your spinal chord. The spinal chord is then protected by the spinal column made up moveable vertebrae. Nerves come out from either side of these vertebrae and send messages between your brain and your body. Some of these nerve endings have pain receptors and send messages to your brain to feel pain, some tell your lungs to breathe, your heart to beat, your pancreas to produce insulin or your tummy that it is too full.

When the spinal bones or vertebrae move out of place and put stress on a nerve this is called a subluxation. When a chiropractor detects a subluxation, he or she will then correct it with a chiropractic adjustment. There are many techniques a chiropractor might use to adjust a subluxation. The traditional hands on way is to contact the spine give a quick, painless light force and lots of the time you will here a CRACK! Other times we can use drop tables, hand held tools or computerized tools to give the same result with out the CRACK! Either way ...the subluxation will be corrected:)!!

What is the CRACK?

I find that the CRACK sometimes makes people nervous at first. Fear usually comes from the unknown so let me share some knowledge with you about the CRACK. To begin with, a chiropractic adjustment does NOT crack bones. Chiropractors do nothing with the bone except set up their adjustment on it. When an adjustment is administered the joint opens up. When a joint opens up there is a release of force sort of like a great stretch after a tough work out and that release sometimes can give you the CRACK sound. You can also think of a big yummy piece of bubble gum that makes great bubbles and when the pressure releases you get a BIG pop or CRACK! Much like a special occasion bottle of champagne once you uncork it you hear the pop or CRACK and the fun begins:)!

How often should you go to

the chiropractor?

Well how often to do you want to feel GREAT? How often do you eat right, sleep well, drink plenty of water, or exercise? Chiropractic actually works a lot like exercise! Each visit builds on the one before as we are retraining the muscles, ligaments, tendons and other supportive structures to hold the bones in proper alignment. You can go to the gym once a month or so run a mile and do 10 sit ups, BUT you aren't t going to get any stronger, faster, leaner or healthier that way! It is better than nothing and you will feel good in the moment, but for long term results you have to commit to a regular work out routine and eventually you can just maintain. Most people though feel so good with regular workouts that they continue them and the same is true for chiropractic! This doesn't t mean that you will HAVE to go forever BUT you may WANT TO :)!!

Who should go to a chiropractor?

ANYONE with a spine :)! The birth process alone can result in 300 LBS of pressure on a cartilage or not yet developed neck and that is the natural way. Forceps used in C section births literally pull the baby out by the neck! Either way that vital brain stem area gets lots of stress put on it when a baby makes their world debut:)! We like to adjust babies as quickly as possible after birth and then all through their milestones! When a baby learns to hold up their head new muscles are activated. As the song goes the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone and like wise all the muscles are connected as well.  So this new exciting baby milestone of lifting their head can also cause vertebral bone rotation with nerve stress. Remember we call this a subluxation and left untreated subluxations can hinder growth and development. As babies grown to toddlers and then to children they often fall learning to crawl, walk, ride bikes, roller skate, or play sports. From childhood to the teenage years they are often doing repetitive motions like carrying a backpack, studying, talking on the phone:), training for sports, mastering their band instrument or sleeping:). As teenagers go off to college and into the work force they often meet new stressors. All stress whether physical, emotional, or chemical contributes to subluxations.  The stress of dorm life, studying, rushing for fraternities or sororities, fitting in, starting a career, desk work, standing on their feet for a long shift, or just being in charge of themselves can really take a toll! As one gets older and begins to excel in their career or not, gets into relationship or not, starts a family or not all causes stress as well as house work, chores, exercise, paying bills. Eventually people get older and the cycles start again just in different roles of parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent and daily activities for some not under regular chiropractic care can get tougher and body systems may start to degenerate and create ailments, dysfunction or disease processes. As people reach the golden ages it is of utmost importance that they maintain a healthy, subluxation free spine for optimal health and well being! So you see chiropractic is for ALL ages and stages!!