Dr Jon and Josiah

Chiropractic can help with your Allergies

I started going to Dr. Jon about 4 years after I heard him speak. I was always scared to go to a chiropractor, but what he said made so much sense. I had extremely bad allergies, was on daily allergy medication and regularly went to my allergist MD. I also had bad asthma for which I did inhalers daily (Proventil) and other medication. These saved me but during bad allergy season nothing seemed to help. I have been asthmatic since I was 2 years old. Since I have been under corrective chiropractic care the last four years, I have barely touched my inhalers or allergy meds. Amazing because I was asthmatic since i was 2 years old. Chiropractic has been life-saving for me, and I have never breathed better.