Ms. Irwin was treated with chiropractic for her pain and numbness. 

Ms. Irwin was treated with chiropractic for her pain and numbness. 

pain and numbness in face/Sciatica/Polycystic ovaries/High blood pressure/Hypoglycemia

I am going to be "that" person who recommends chiropractic care for EVERYONE! Since January 2013 I was suffering with paresthesia (pain, numbness, tingling) in my face, neck, chest & arm.  As time progressed my symptoms got worse, I was physically exhausted, stressed, my hair was falling out (most likely from stress), my left leg / knee kept giving out, migraines started and they became debilitating.  Doctors ordered CT-scans and then MRIs when they found a suspicious "lesions" in my lower "cp angle" of the brain.  My doctor was scared which made me VERY scared; she was concerned I had MS or worse. (My MRI also showed slight bulging disks in my C5-C6 and the doctors assured me this was not causing my symptoms, I completely disagree!) But after the MRIs showed these lesions to be dead and benign and not the cause of my symptoms all they could do was order blood work and send me to neurologists and ENTs. All the "medical" doctors have agreed my lesions do not need surgery and are not the cause of my problems but none of them could help me feel better.  

 My aunt flew me to California to see the best chiropractor we knew at the time who is board certified in neurology and after my first treatment my symptoms were 99% gone AMAZING!  I continued treatments while I was in CA with strict instructions to find a neuro chiropractor in NJ immediately to continue my treatments. The day I returned home my symptoms returned, not as bad but they returned, the humidity and thunderstorms exasperated my symptoms from the beginning.  I couldn't find a "neuro" chiropractor but Andrea insisted I see her cousin Dr. Jon on August 13, 2013 and I agreed with no high expectations since I had already seen "regular" chiropractors prviously and it didn't help. I called Dr. Jon that day and he immediately had me come in for an evaluation.  After my evaluation with x-rays he was confident he could help my body heal and get me feeling better.  

 Dr. Jon has not only stopped my migraines completely even with weather changes, my leg no longer gives out, my hair is not falling out and I have more energy than I have in a very long time. Other long term health problems I had just learned to accept since none of the medical doctors or the 10+ chiropractors I have seen since I was 12 years old gave relief have also started disappearing:
1) chronic lower back pain
2) sciatica pain
3) Polycystic overies. Not only have my menstrual cycles returned and regulated I had a pelvic CT scan done that showed NO cysts on my ovaries-- I had over 25 cysts on my ovaries show on an trans-vaginal ultrasound 5 years ago.  I am 31 years old I have struggled with crazy cycles, pain, excessive bleeding and more since I was 14 years old.  I have awful memories of many doctor visits with my parents trying to find a cause and cure but all they wanted to do as a teen was put me on birth control and at 23 they wanted to do a full hysterectomy.  Who knew getting your cervical spine adjusted and aligned could help so many issues!
4) High blood pressure, 143/80 on average since I was 16 years old has now been holding steady at 119/73
5) Hypoglycemia with crazy low blood sugar even right after eating, blood sugar is now NORMAL! 

 Dr. Jon is not your typical chiropractor.  He treats his whole patient, he gives full body and mind support.  He wants his patients and their families to be the healthiest people they can inside and out.  He gives individual recommendations and care based on your individual needs it is wonderful!  Dr. Jonathan Mastrobattista is definitely not your run of the mill “regular” chiropractor he is most definitely the best chiropractor I have ever seen!

 My husband and son have been seeing Dr. Jon now as well.  My son is almost 3 years old he had NEVER slept through the night.  Our pediatrician ordered a sleep study and it was determined that he is an "efficient sleeper" requiring very little sleep. He fully woke 12 times during his sleep study between 10:30pm and 5am and they said "its normal for him".  Let me tell you, our son slept THROUGH the night 9pm until 6am after his first adjustment with Dr. Jon, and his sleep has been improved a lot over the last few months.  He still doesn't sleep as much as a typical toddler 12+ hours in one day but when he sleeps he is now sound asleep.  He has not had a single ear infection since starting his treatments with Dr. Jon, NONE!  Amazing since last year he had over 8 ear infections and we were seeing an ENT to discuss tubes. My husband has also seen significant improvements in his sleep and back pain.  He is now sleeping in bed all night without waking in extreme middle back pain and moving to the chair in the living room to try and get more sleep.  We have purchased 3 beds over the last 5 years and all of them he said killed his back.  He now says it wasn't the beds at all, he just really needed to find a good chiropractor. 

 My biggest recommendation to anyone reading this is, do not wait until you are in chronic pain, chronically ill and have no other options start chiropractic care as a preventative to keep your body as healthy as it can be.  Having a baby soon?  Get that baby into Dr. Jon to get adjusted right after birth it will help the body sleep; prevent acid reflux, and much more.

Danielle Irwin