Chiropractic can help with ear infections

My son fell twice on the ice. He was sore and over time and developed severe headaches, and excruciating pain behind his left eye and terrible pressure in his left ear.

Even after a series of visits to our GP, physical therapist, and an ear, nose and throat MD we were getting no relief whatsoever. Prior to his two falls, over a five year period he was progressively getting more and more lethargic, sleeping 8 hours a night and taking naps in the afternoons. He was worn out, and all his life he had been a highly energetic kid!

On March 23, 2011 We went to see Dr. Jon (1/2 hour drive one way for us). He asked many questions, took extensive notes, did an exam and took x-rays. After he looked at the x-rays he gave Tyler an adjustment...He IMMEDIATELY FELT BETTER! We returned the following day, had another adjustment and felt even better. It took 14 consecutive DAILY adjustments before he could "hold" an adjustment (the bone stayed in place and the pressure stayed off the nerve).

Now Tyler is doing great and is doing the chores on our family farm. It's as if someone turned a light switch on inside of my son. We continue to make the drive to Dr. Jon's office; the distance is worth the trip!