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We can't wait to see you in our office. 

Dr. Sam Slavens is the Head Chiropractor at Simply Chiropractic Bettendorf. 

Dr. Sam Slavens is the Head Chiropractor at Simply Chiropractic Bettendorf. 

Dr. Sam Slavens

Dr. Sam Slavens  grew up in Bettendorf, attended high school there, and finished his undergraduate at St. Ambrose. After that he was in sales for a few years, then decided to go back to Palmer College of Chiropractic to become a chiropractor.

"My decision to become a chiropractor has been life changing for me and for my family. Not only has chiropractic changed my life for the better but my 3 sons and my wife, Chris as well. Our oldest son was told he would always have asthma and be on breathing treatments. They indicated he would probably never play sports. After a few months of getting chiropractic adjustments his asthma was gone and with regular wellness care he played high school sports and collegiate football (pretty cool). After seeing these changes in my life and my family’s lives, I have been and continue to be passionate about empowering other families to get their spines checked for subluxations to ensure communication between your brain and body is working as well as possible. We look forward to helping you and your family." - Dr. Slavens.  

When he isn't adjusting patients, Dr. Sam enjoys hanging out with his family (his wife Chris, and his boys Nick, Ben, and Max), playing golf, paddle boarding, fishing, biking, and attending weekly bible study.

Dr. Tim Matthys

Dr.  Tim Matthys grew up in Davenport, attended Assumption High School, and went to UNI. He wanted to be a chiropractor because a chiropractor saved his sports career after two medical doctors told him that he would need surgery due to a “broken foot”.  This incident happened during one of his high school football games.  After the chiropractor looked at his x-rays, it turned out that his foot wasn’t broken at all; it was just out of alignment!

After getting his foot adjusted, he was back on the field and later on went on to win a State title in wrestling; thus earning a scholarship to wrestle at UNI.  Additionally, Dr. Matthys graduated from Palmer University with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2008. He had his own practice for eight years and then joined forces with an awesome team (Dr. Sam and Roxie) in August of 2016.   He went back to Palmer to earn his degree in CCSP® (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician®) because as much as he enjoys taking care of families, he enjoys taking care of athletes as well.  It has been an amazing ride and Dr. Tim is looking forward to changing many lives with these guys!

Dr. Tim Matthys loves hanging out with his family and friends, his wife Shannon and two beautiful kids, Vivian and Paxton.  Tim's hobbies include golfing, working out in the yard, taking the kids for a walk with his wife, anything that includes physical activity outside!  Dr. Tim Matthys is looking forward to helping you and your family live life the way you want to. 

Dr. Tim Matthys  is a chiropractor at Simply Chiropractic Bettendorf.

Dr. Tim Matthys  is a chiropractor at Simply Chiropractic Bettendorf.

Roxie is our Chiropractic Technologist! 

Roxie is our Chiropractic Technologist! 


Office Manager & Chiropractic Technologist

Roxie grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota on 40 acres.  She has 2 amazing daughters, Anika and London, who have been adjusted since birth, and are super healthy and happy.  Roxie, suggests that you get your kids checked too! Some things she enjoys are spending time with her girls, the NBA, four wheeling, snowmobiling, traveling, concerts, and music, which is her biggest passion.  Pearl Jam has been her favorite band since 1991.  She also plays piano, drums, and is teaching herself guitar.  

She attended St. Cloud State University out of high school and then moved to the Quad Cities in 1999 to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in the Chiropractic Technologist program.  She graduated in February 2001 with her Associates of Science in Chiropractic Technology degree. 

Currently, she is the Office Manager/Chiropractic Technologist at Simply Chiropractic Bettendorf.  She is the voice you’ll hear when you call the office.  Roxie takes the x-rays, does the insurance and billing, and manages the office.  She's worked with Dr. Sam since February 2001 and Dr. Tim since August 2016 when he moved into this office.  Roxie is super grateful to work with these two great guys/docs in a profession that she absolutely loves.  She enjoys seeing people get healthier and function better every day!


Services & Techniques Offered:

  • Chiropractic Corrective Care

  • Chiropractic Family Care

  • Chiropractic Wellness Care

  • Personal Injury and Accident Injury Care



  My son has diabetes, and when he gets adjusted his blood sugar drops within 15 minutes of his adjustment!  Pretty cool!!


Ear infection

On a Monday morning, my daughter woke up earlier than usual crying and rubbing her ear.  She wouldn’t eat breakfast and wasn’t herself.  It broke my heart to see her like that.  She was very lethargic and her lymphs were very swollen.  All she would say is, “ear hurts mommy”.  I felt helpless, but I did what I knew to do and mid morning I took her to Dr. Sam to get checked out.  She was so limp and could barely keep her head up or her eyes open.  Dr. Sam gently adjusted her and by the time we got her coat on, he eyes had opened up and she had stopped crying.  We got home and she ate a good lunch, and after that she was singing and laughing.  She said, “ear feels better mommy”.  The interference was gone and her pain had gone away.  She took a 3 hour nap and woke up laughing and playing!




I was diagnosed with asthma.  I was at the point where I was taking all kinds of medications and still feeling awful.  I couldn’t walk down the hall or steps without wheezing.  I can’t believe the difference chiropractic and Dr. Sam has made in my life!  I can go to games with the kids and actually walk up the bleachers without wheezing.  It has also made it easier on the pocket book because I don’t need all the meds.  I feel healthy again and not so run down.


Shoulder Pain

For many years I experienced shoulder pain.  It affected everything I did, and at times I couldn’t even get out of bed.  I tried cortisone shots before chiropractic and it would help for a little bit but the pain would always come back.  Since beginning care my shoulder has improved tremendously.  I feel I live a better and healthier life as I hardly ever take pain meds anymore.  I have been under regular maintenance care for 6 years and it has also helped with my headaches and low back pain too!


Carpal Tunnel

I had been experiencing carpal tunnel for about 15 years.  My hand would go numb making it hard to drive, paint, and do other daily activities.  I was referred to Dr. Sam by a co-worker.  After getting adjusted I was able to feel sensation in my hand again.  I continue to come on a maintenance schedule to stay healthy.


Family Wellness 

Our family of 6 has been coming in to get adjusted for over 10 years.  We come in every 2 weeks for regular maintenance and to stay well!  Our children do not get sick very often and when they do they are better very quickly.  We also all look forward to coming into the office every 2 wks and it makes us feel great!

-Mattly Family

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