Dr. Jon is an expert in traditional chiropractic care. Rather than only treating the pain symptoms, Dr. Jon makes it his mission to eliminate the root problem of your chronic pain - to improve the quality of your life. In 2003 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and a severely herniated lower disc. The Orthopedic Surgeon told me that I would be unable to reverse the effects and I should no longer continue athletics. 

After moving to New Jersey in 2008, I was introduced to Dr. Jon and skeptically began some minor treatment. Dr Jon told me although he wouldn't be able to get the herniated disc to totally heal, it might be possible to relieve the pressure and see good results. Well, after one year of regular treatment, my progressive disc herniation was halted. X-Rays showed the disc space enlarged. I felt as if no trauma had occurred! The abuse I take as a professional MMA fighter should have prevented any improvements. This was NOT the case!  You must be aggressive with your treatment and follow Dr. Jon's specific game plan. But rest assured, you will see results! 

Joe Apocalypse Abouata is professional heavy weight mixed martial arts and cage fighter.